Building a Better Colorado

Setting a Level Playing Field

Thanks for being part of a vibrant industry that has created lots of great jobs for Coloradans!
Fair competition makes any industry strong. Fair competition happens when the playing field is level – one where every employer plays by the rules. That’s how we compete in Colorado.

Our State’s laws for classifying and paying workers protect our workers and create a level playing field. If workers are your employees, then you need to pay them in accordance with law, and you need to ensure they are covered by safety net programs like workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. If you are a worker in the construction industry, you have a right to be properly classified depending on the relationship with your employer.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and our partners are committed to helping Colorado’s construction industry thrive and remain competitive. Working together, we are helping to “Build a better Colorado.”

For Workers

  • Proper classification self-test
  • File a complaint
  • Report unpaid wages

For Employers

  • Proper classification mini-guide
  • Schedule a presentation
  • Request an advisory opinion
  • Download worksite posters

Misclassification Taskforce Partners